Bustling cities, secluded beaches, gorgeous food, a huge variety of landscapes and more. Europe has way more! Where to start with a continent that covers more than 50 countries, almost 750 million inhabitants and about 225 spoken languages? Each country in Europe has its own identity, culture, languages, local dishes, food, cool and weird habits. All of this is available on one continent. All European countries are safe to travel, great for families, single girls, elderly people, seriously for everyone!

Europe may feel incoherent but just dive into it and let it happen! The infrastructure is perfect: low-cost airlines offer you great deals to fly in just a few hours to your next destination. Due to the excellent train network, you can take the train from wherever you are to wherever you want to be. Discover the famous European capitals like London, Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam. Or discover the unknown. Happy travels! ♡